Thursday, January 31, 2008

Introducing VcubeV

There are several interesting technologies that power our flagship product - Elastic Server On-Demand. One of them is an infrastructure solution which allows us to "multisource" our environment - we call it VcubeV.

In short, it's a technique based on OpenVPN and our add-on that allows us to connect multiple servers (both physical and virtual) located in various datacenters and hosted at different providers into a single address space. It allows applications to run unmodified as if they were all running on hosts behind a single switch. It works even when hosts are behind NAT and/or very restrictive firewalls. Our add-on called cube-routed is a dynamic routing daemon that allows us to have 2 OpenVPN servers for load balancing and failover purposes.

There are many interesting use cases for VcubeV. We currently use it to take data snapshots for backup, replication, connectivity to LDAP backend and several other things. If you come up with an interesting use case - please feel free to share it in the comments below.

We are very excited to announce that our article about VcubeV was accepted for publication in Linux Journal and runs as a feature in its current issue (February 2008, #166). LJ subscribers can read the article at All of you who don't subscribe to LJ will be able to read full text at the same address in a month or so.

Look for more posts from CohesiveFT Engineering team in the future!
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