Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Release Week for Ubuntu and CohesiveFT

Today Ubuntu released the latest version of its operating system, 8.10 (aka Intrepid Ibex). In an unsurprising twist of kismet, the CohesiveFT team is delivering our own bouncing Ubuntu bundles of joy, available now in the Elastic Server factory! Coincidence? We think not.

The Stats
Initial Elastic Server support for Ubuntu comes in the form of the Hardy Heron 8.04LTS version for 32-bit, including Amazon EC2 small, on the most popular bundles in the Elastic Server factory.

Where can I find these so-called bundles?
To quickly locate Ubuntu-ready bundles, go to the Bundle Explorer and search for the tag, Ubuntu 8_04LTS. This tag indicates that the specific bundle has been tested and approved for use in your Elastic Server. If your favorite bundle isn't Ubuntu-ready yet, you can push your component to the top of the list by posting a request (including a link to your bundle) to our support forums. We add new bundles on a regular basis. Currently, the most popular bundles in the Elastic Server factory are:
Why is this cool?
Like Ubuntu, we're all about freedom. Elastic Server gives you the freedom to choose the components you want from our library of horizontal, open source and third-party software components. Don't like those? Upload your own components with our Build-Your-Own (BYO) option (here's how). Did we mention the Community Edition of Elastic Server is free? Oh, it is.

If you've never assembled an Elastic Server, you are missing out on the point-and-click ease of assembling virtual servers in minutes and deploying to the cloud or virtual machine. Take a peek inside the factory and see what 1,600+ users have assembled thus far.

We're expecting
When you're building an automated assembly factory as awesome as Elastic Server, there are a lot of moving parts to consider. We are excited to offer support for a new operating system. And with new users regularly adding components, the platform continues to thrive. You can expect more bundles of joy as our Elastic Server family grows.

What's next for Ubuntu Elastic Servers?
We've got our eye on Intrepid Ibex. Even with its long beard and supposed "Alps" location, we expect you'll be seeing Ubuntu 8.10 available in the factory later this year. Watch this space for more updates.

Until then, happy stack making.

FINEST OF PRINT: Ubuntu and Canonical are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd. We were told we could use this stapler.

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