Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seed YOUR Eucalyptus Cloud with Elastic Server

With the recent release of Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition comes the technology preview of the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) powered by Eucalyptus. Ubuntu releases are always good, but we are just a little more excited about this one. UEC gives you the Eucalyptus cloud infrastructure right out of the box! Just think how easily you will be able to build and launch your own personal Eucalyptus cloud environment with Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition. Call it what you will; private cloud, internal cloud, on-premise cloud, fog... regardless it's all right at your finger tips.

Got Eucalyptus, Now what?
Elastic Server will get your shiny new Eucalyptus cloud seeded in minutes. Don't worry about becoming an expert in Eucalyptus compatible machine images, leave that to us. Because Eucalyptus is interface-compatible with Amazon's EC2 (the gold standard for cloud computing, see API docs), deploying custom Elastic Servers to your Eucalyptus cloud is as easy as building and deploying to EC2. Just enter your credentials and your endpoint and we handle the rest.

Add YOUR Eucalyptus credentials to the Elastic Server factory and get building! This deployment option will be made available to all Personal and Professional Edition users shortly. In the mean time, Contact us and we'll get you up and running in minutes.

Ubuntu and Eucalyptus a good choice for a private cloud infrastructure?
Yes. Eucalyptus is an open-source software infrastructure built from open source components. Open-source means lots of innovation and Eucalyptus is well-guided by Rich Wolski and the guys at UCSB.

And now it has commercial support. Not only does the Ubuntu (see Canonical) release of this technology preview make it easy to create a Eucalyptus cloud, but it brings some much appreciated commercial support for the Eucalyptus open-source project. With commercial support and an open code base, Eucalyptus adoption is increasing. This will help keep the project going past the end of its current National Science Foundation funding. Commercial support, easy cloud creation, easy cloud guest image creation, and compatibility with Amazon's EC2 interface all point to a perfect start to your private or hybrid cloud solution.

Do you need help building, populating and managing your private Eucalyptus cloud? If so - give us a shout. Between CohesiveFT, Canonical, and the Eucalyptus team - we can give you the best cloudy day of your life.

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