Tuesday, March 15, 2011

VPN-Cubed® vpcPLUS Available Today

Just a quick note, we don't want to steal any of our partner's thunder.

The long awaited update to Amazon Web Services™ Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) beta is finally here. The update opens up the once closed and limited VPC offering to include such features as public access to VPC deployments, control of network ACLs, use of Elastic IPs inside VPC deployments, and controllable connections to S3. All these things make the VPC offering more valuable to users looking to do more with the offering than was previously possible. We applaud AWS for moving forward to offer their customers more connectivity options at the virtualization layer (see Welcome to the User-Cloud Part 1 and Part 2).

As an innovator in the cloud network and connectivity market we have collaborated with many cloud providers on how best to provide networking options to their users. Through our partnership with AWS, we have developed a unique Edition of our VPN-Cubed Virtual Networking Product specifically designed for use with the new VPC offering. We call it VPN-Cubed vpcPLUS. VPN-Cubed vpcPLUS was developed to address the lingering issue that public clouds are 3rd party controlled environments. No matter how many control and security features cloud providers make available to their user base, the virtual workloads are still running in 3rd party network environments (to which the customer has no insight, visibility or control). Since its launch in 2008 VPN-Cubed has been providing our enterprise customers with unmatched cloud networking security and control. By working with AWS to create our vpcPLUS Edition, enterprise users can migrate to the cloud with confidence and control. Check out our VPN-Cubed vpcPLUS page for more information on the use-cases or contact sales to move forward with your vpcPLUS deployment.

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