Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Building a Smart Elastic Server

Today we opened up public beta access to our newest Elastic Server factory site, Smart.ElasticServer, that exclusively serves the IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise (IBM SCE) environment. The timing couldn't be better as it coincides with IBM's SCE announcement activities at their Innovation Centers around the globe. Many of the IBM Business Partner success stories being told are a result of the use of CohesiveFT products and services like the Smart.ElasticServer site. is an IBM SCE-tuned implementation of our factory that has been providing multi-cloud image assembly automation since 2008. Our partnership with IBM is focused on providing enterprise application migration to the SCE. So aside from bringing the style sheet inline with Big Blue's color palette, we have tailored this factory site to allow virtual server import features and functions not currently available on IBM SCE. It allows IBM customers to start their application migration paths from datacenter to cloud, cloud segment to cloud segment, or cloud to cloud.

IBM SCE users can import Linux-based Smart Elastic Servers to their account in SCE using the Smart.ElasticServer factory. Imported Elastic Servers can either be built from scratch or using imported VMware images provided by the user. Users log into and link their Smart.ElasticServer account with their IBM SCE account. This association allows SCE customers to use "SmartImport" capabilities. IBM is enabling its SCE customers access to the Smart.ElasticServer image factory as part of the SCE public beta program. For more information visit or contact CohesiveFT.

Download our SmartImport PDF and start moving virtual workloads to IBM SCE today.

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